Software update: UltraEdit 16.00.1036

IDM Computer Solutions has released an update of its multifunctional text editor UltraEdit. The editor is now at version number UltraEdit can handle regular ascii text, but also hexadecimal files and html files are no problem. Furthermore, it has features such as macros, vertical block selection, syntax highlighting, a built-in ftp client and spell checker in various languages. Since the previous entry in the Meuktracker, another update has also appeared, so we immediately show the changelog:

Issue Fixed in

  • Performance improvements – improved speed when opening multiple files
  • More accurate function listing in C++ files
  • Fixed crash when unchecking “Sort” in function list context menu
  • Fixed issue where functions with special characters did not show in function list
  • Enhancement for Find in Files wild card matching more than intended (eg, *.c would also match *.cpp)
  • Fixed display issues with Find/Replace in Files dialogs with higher system DPI
  • Fixed “Replace in All Open Files” issue in German version
  • Fixed issue where script executed from command line runs twice
  • Fixed issue where FTP accounts were not sorted correctly in File View
  • Fixed issue where “Move to nearest left tab after current tab is closed” wasn’t working properly
  • Fixed error prompt when switching user color scheme in View -> Set Colors
  • Fixed cursor flickering (to hourglass with each keystroke) in larger syntax highlighted files
  • Fixed issue where bookmarks shift to wrong line when text is removed above
  • Fixed a few Line Change Indicator issues
  • Fixed issue where converting an empty file to UTF-8 doesn’t work
  • Added some updates to regular expression builder dialogs
  • Update for aspell

Issue Fixed in

  • Thinner Line Change Indicator
  • Added new menu item: “Disable LCI For All Files” to disable Line Change Indicator completely
  • Added toolbar button to main toolbar to toggle Line Change Indicator
  • Added support for tertiary nodes in Function List tree
  • Fixed issue where auto-complete dialog shows all function list items
  • Fixed a couple of column mode performance issues
  • Fixed Line Change Indicator issue when pasting multiple lines
  • Fixed incorrect sorting of function list when flat function list enabled
  • Fixed active function highlighting in function list when switching between files

UltraEdit screenshot, click on the image for a larger version.

Version number 16.00.1036
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website IDM Computer Solutions
File size 15.30MB
License type Shareware