Software Update: SyncBackFree

2Brightsparks has released version of SyncBackFree. This program is the simplest and therefore also the free version of the backup software that this company has to offer. In addition to backing up, SyncBackFree can synchronize data. This can be to a location on the same or another disk, or to another medium, such as a CD-RW or USB stick, or to an FTP server or zip archive. In addition to this free version, there are also SyncBackSE and SyncBackProwhich are for 44 and 60 euros respectively additional functionality offer. The changelog for this release can be found below:


  • New (Pro) Can now choose to skip offline cloud files (as in previous versions) and/or offline NTFS files (new in this version)
  • Windows 11 styles and styles now loaded from files instead of embedded in executable
  • If using ransomware detection in source and/or destination then log shows if success


  • Styled file open and save dialogs are no longer used
  • Buttons in main interface not resized correctly when changing language
  • (Pro) Properly handle special characters in file/folder names in PCloud
  • (Pro) Can now upload empty files to PCloud
  • (Pro) Objects uploaded to Backblaze B2 with other tools (and invalid properties) may be treated as folders
  • System (notification) tray icon did not reappear if Explorer process restarted
  • New program version window may be too small
  • (Pro) Fix a problem in Dropbox and Google Drive where files uploaded by 3rd party apps, or via web, are not been detected as been changed/different


  • The display filters in the Differences window are now correct when copying from FTP, Touch, cloud, etc.
  • (Pro) Can use SSE-C with Backblaze B2 when using S3 compatibility
  • (Pro) Support new Wasabi endpoint in Japan
  • Recompiled using latest compiler
  • When copying from destination, eg cloud, then it is more likely to be correctly shown in interface
  • Icons in user interface and various updates and fixes to interface
  • (Pro) Change in S3 to always try multipart uploads and determine if the feature is available
  • (SE/Pro) Logging the reason was files are skipped is now enabled by default for new profiles

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website 2Brightsparks
File size


License type Freeware