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KC Softwares has released version 5.14 of SUMo. SUMo, which stands for Software Update Monitor, is a program that scans the computer for existing software and then checks whether newer versions are available. By installing a driver agent can also check for new drivers. The free version only tells you which programs have a newer version and provides a link to a general search page on the KC Softwares website. The pro version often provides better download links that lead directly to the manufacturer’s download page, but updating remains a manual process, so you always have full control over your own system.

The pro version also has the option to update SUMo itself to a newer version and can also see whether computers connected to the local network have the latest updates via a well-arranged webpage. In addition to the default installer, there is also a portableversion available, which can do its job without having to be installed first. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

New Features:

  • 0006748: Support for CPU-Z Custom Editions
  • 0006204: Clean names of Standard and Advanced codecs from Shark007


  • 0006747: “Grammarly for Microsoft® Office Suite” incorrect detection if multiple versions installed
  • 0006730: Microsoft Teams installer not filtered out


  • 0006760: Missing company name for “EdgeDeflector”
  • 0006759: “MetaQuotes Ltd.” company name rationalization
  • 0006755: Improve PDF24 detection
  • 0004893: ESET “Security / Endpoint Antivirus / Business” version detection
  • 0006750: “ESET Command Line Interface” to be filtered out
  • 0006749: ESET Installers not filtered out
  • 0006746: “VSO Locale string editor” to be filtered out
  • 0006742: Updated Turkish translation
  • 0006732: Possible wrong version reported for Discord if multiple versions are installed
  • 0006721: Wrong version reported for Microsoft Teams
  • 0006729: “EOS Utility Launcher” to be filtered out
  • 0006527: EOS Utility v2 and v3 shall be detected as 2 distinct products
  • 0006728: Spyder*Pro/Express/Elite identification
  • 0006726: Incorrect version reported for Spyder4Pro (reported as 5.x)
  • 0006616: Differentiate “qBittorrent” from “qBittorrent Enhanced Edition”
  • 0006586: “1Password for Windows desktop” multiple detection
  • 0006723: “AsrRuefi” (without company name) shall be identified as “ASRock Restart to UEFI” by ASRock (continued)
  • 0006722: ASRock products to be better identified : AsrPolychromeRGB, AsrXTU, AsrTC
  • 0006720: New Alternate Server (

Version number 5.14
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website KC Softwares
File size


License type Freeware/Paid
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