Software Update: SquirrelMail 1.4.4

Squirrelmail has released version 1.4.4 of the e-mail program of the same name written entirely in PHP4. The program has support for IMAP and SMTP protocols and all screens are built in HTML 4.0, without the need for JavaScript. All the functionality that can be expected from a full-fledged e-mail program is present, such as support for MIME, folders and an address book. The changelog of this version shows the following changes:


  • Fix listcommands plugin to include src/ in compose links.
  • Fix listcommands plugin to behave like normal reply/compose links, and return to message page that originally called from.
  • Max upload file size now correctly handles a ‘-1’ value, meaning unlimited (#1094569).
  • Send 8-bit username or password as literals (#1081259).
  • configtest.php now checks whether default language is actually present.
  • Fix ‘plus instead of space in downloaded file name’ issue, which was introduced in 1.4.4-RC1 (#1076733).
  • Disabled unmaintained Thai translation.
  • Security: Added hook for Preferences Backend to resolve potential insecure file inclusions. [CAN-2005-0075]
  • Set up language before outputing errors in auth.php and signout.php to make them appear in the correct language.
  • Security: Fix potential file inclusion issues in src/webmail.php. [CAN-2005-0103]
  • Fixed minor bug in DMN plugin that caused it to not correctly set lastTargetMailbox.
  • Security: Fix possible XSS issues in src/webmail.php. [CAN-2005-0104]
  • Correct undefined variable usage in src/webmail.php.


Version number 1.4.4
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP
Website SquirrelMail
file size


License type GPL