Software update: SmartFTP 4.0 build 1120

Smartsoft has released version 4.0 build 1120 of its ftp client SmartFTP. SmartFTP is a very extensive ftp client and includes support for secure connections via tls and ssl, server-to-server communication via fxp, error checking via xcrc and various nat and upnp environments. The program is available in home and professional flavours. The latter offers as extras including secure-ftp, file encryption and the ability to use scripts. Below you can find everything that has changed since the previous entry in Meuktracker:

Changes in version 4.0 build 1120:

  • Transfer Queue: Added Metalink 4 support
  • Fix: Regression: Proxy support for data connections
  • Updated UI library

Changes in version 4.0 build 1119:

  • SSH: Added option to display the “authentication banner message” some servers send

Changes in version 4.0 build 1118:

  • Fix: Regression: Remote Browser: File size not correctly displayed in delete confirmation dialogs
  • Fix: Regression: FTP: Unix permissions from MLST/MLSD reply were incorrectly parsed

Changes in version 4.0 build 1116:

  • Remote Browser: Added Details property page (displays all properties of a file/folder) to Properties dialog

Changes in version 4.0 build 1115:

  • Fix: Remote Browser: Flicker in tree control during resize
  • Fix: Regression: Drag&Drop from Temporary Queue to Remote Browser
  • Fix: Regression: Modified file time was not set for downloads

Changes in version 4.0 build 1113:

  • Browser: Rewrote filter bar and search control
  • Refactor: Unified connection implementation in Transfer Queue and Remote Browser
  • Remote Browser: Added support for File version, VM format, VM file type columns
  • Fix: Regression: Remote Browser: Local folder was opened in the Remote Browser instead of a Local Browser
  • Fix: Regression: Remote Browser: Windows Vista: Item was not set into edit mode after New file action.

Changes in version 4.0 build 1112:

  • Fix: Regression: Browser: Copy&Paste from Remote Browser to Local Browser
  • Fix: Regression: Local Browser: Windows XP: Folders were not correctly displayed in History/Address Bar
  • Fix: Local Browser: Windows XP: View mode is now correctly restored

Changes in version 4.0 build 1111:

  • bug fix release

Changes in version 4.0 build 1110:

  • bug fix release

Changes in version 4.0 build 1108:

  • Fix: Proxy support was broken

Changes in version 4.0 build 1107:

  • Fix: FTPS: TLS init failed if the first packet was fragmented
  • Fix: Remote Browser: Delete of folder under some circumstances
  • Remote Browser: Refactor: Internally switched to property system

Changes in version 4.0 build 1105:

  • Fix: Regression: Missing items in context menu
  • Remote Browser: Refactored transfer/connection interface

Changes in version 4.0 build 1103:

  • New/updated License key is automatically loaded in all cases now
  • Browser: Rewrite of menu implementation

The following downloads are available:

SmartFTP 4.0 build 1120 (32bit)
SmartFTP 4.0 build 1102 (64 bit)

SmartFTP screenshot, click on the image for a larger version.

Version number 4.0 build 1120
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website SmartSoft
File Sizes 13.10MB – 15.10MB
License type Shareware