Software Update: RackTables 0.18.2 Beta

RackTables is a handy web application for clearly displaying racks in, for example, a server room or data center. For example, it is possible to enter racks in which objects, addresses and ports can then be hung. For more information, we refer you to this page and a demo is via this page to try out. The developer has released a beta version with 0.18.2 as the version number. The list of changes since the previous entry in the Meuktracker looks like this:

Version 0.18.2 beta:

  • bugfix: don’t restore last opened tab, which won’t be permitted anyway
  • update: completely switch to PDO prepared queries (#120)
  • update: don’t allow duplicate rack row names (#344)
  • new feature: Live LLDP

Version 0.18.1 beta:

  • update: initial SNMP support of Summit switches
  • update: switch from deprecated ereg extension to PCRE (#262)
  • update: don’t use deprecated magic_quoes extension (#315)
  • update: switch more tables to InnoDB engine
  • update: removed dependency on SPL extension, which 0.18.0 had introduced

Version 0.18.0 beta:

  • new feature: Live CDP (#58)
  • new feature: 802.1Q management (#182, original idea by Justin Ellison)

Version 0.17.11:

  • update: usual SNMP updates
  • update: Bulk port form (#321)
  • update: 2960G-8TC SNMP patch by Jonathan Stanton
  • bugfix: updateObject() saves DB records for dict values ​​when not set. (#273)
  • bug fix: argument validation was broken for value of 0 (#272)
  • bugfix: “Add/update multiple ports” did not work (#326)
  • bugfix: “bulk ports” form added more ports, than requested (#340)
  • bugfix: improve compatibility with eDirectory (by Joep van Ingen)

Version 0.17.10:

  • update: make object form messages consistent (by Tyler J. Wagner)
  • update: sort object ports in a more reasonable manner
  • update: enable class methods as handlers (by James Tutton)
  • update: better support of Huawei S5300 switches
  • update: better support of Brocade/Foundry FastIron switches
  • update: also list WS-C3524-XL (#320)
  • update: better support of Nexus switches
  • update: maintain filter per page load and isolated per realm (#217)
  • bug fix: ldap cache timestamp fix (#332)
  • bug fix: completely fix ticket: 211
  • bugfix: declare charset in HTTP header (#312)
  • bug fix: PHP warning with certain auth setups (#310)
  • bug fix: don’t add AC-in port for switches, which don’t have it (#316)
  • bugfix: accept MAC addresses returned by newer Catalysts
  • bug fix: IPv4 management page was sometimes broken (#309)

Version 0.17.9:

  • new feature: added per-user UI options (ticket:29)
  • new feature: LDAP cache can be disabled now (ticket:247)
  • bugfix: error message was lost on SNMP tab (reported by Tommi Hokkanen)
  • bugfix: expand/collapse links on IPv4 tree view (ticket:308)
  • bugfix: local.php did not work with SNMP
  • bugfix: added error handling to gateway function (ticket:303)
  • bug fix: user’s local real name was ignored with LDAP (ticket:252)
  • update: SNMP support for more Catalyst switches

Version 0.17.8:

  • bugfix: triggers disable tabs completely now (ticket:211)
  • bugfix: properly delete objects with linked ports (ticket:300)
  • bugfix: completely remove warnings caused by ticket:277 (by Jason Lifsey)
  • update: restore PortCompat editor functionality (ticket:263)
  • update: don’t show inaccessible links in index (by Jeroen Benda)
  • update: consider permitted VLANs in switchvlans (#302 by Boris Lytochkin)
  • update: regular dictionary update
  • bug fix: ajax code verifier response code bug fix

Version number 0.18.2 beta
Release status beta
Operating systems Linux
Website RackTables
file size 494.00kB
License type GPL