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Shotcut is a comprehensive open source and cross-platform video editing program for Windows, Linux and macOS. It uses FFmpeg and therefore has support for the most common audio and video formats. The files are not imported, but are edited in their original format. It can handle different tracks and a mix of formats and resolutions can be used within a project. Shotcut version 24.04 features the following changes and improvements:


  • Added Ambisonic Encoder audio filter.
  • Added View > Scopes > Audio Vector.
  • Added View > Scopes > Audio Surround.
  • Added Settings > Time Format to affect everywhere that timecode is displayed or editable.
  • Added an indication to the on-video control for the Ambisonic Decoder audio filter.
  • Added Edit > Undo and Redo support for adding, removing, and changing Keyframes (work in progress) for the following filters:
    • Fade In Audio
    • Fade Out Audio
    • Gain/Volume
    • Brightness
    • Color Grading
    • Contrast
    • Fade In Video
    • Fade Out Video
    • Text: Rich
    • Size, Position & Rotate
    • White Balance
  • Added Apply Copied Filters to Timeline > menu > Edit and context menu that works with multiple selected clips.
  • Upgraded MLT to version 7.24.0.


  • Fixed crash if the Keyframes panel is in a tab group along with Filters.
  • Fixed Elastic Scale video filter can distort with preview scaling.
  • Fixed dropping incompatible video file may not prompt conversion.
  • Fixed color in Properties > Convert > Best if input video is BT.709 without signaling.
  • Some fixes for Settings > Audio Channels > 4 (quad).
  • Fixed changes in Filters cannot after moving the clip on the Timeline.
  • Fixed Zoom Timeline to Fit sometimes incorrect.
  • Fixed batch analysis for Stabilize video filter on export with project folder

Version number 24.04
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, macOS, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Shot cut
License type GPL
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