Software Update: ScreenToGif 2.35.2

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Version 2.35 of ScreenToGif has been released and two successors have already appeared that solve some minor problems. With this open source application, the actions on the screen or the images from the webcam can be recorded. The result can optionally be edited with the baked-in editor and then saved as an animated gif image or mp4 movie file. For example, the program can be used well for making short instructional videos. In version 2.35 the switch was made to .NET version 6 and there is now also a version for devices equipped with an Arm processor. The changelog since version 2.34.1 looks like this:

ScreenToGif 2.35.2


  • If this installer fails to update from v2.34.1 or older, download and run it manually.


  • When applying the smooth loop feature from the start, a warning message was appearing, but frames were being removed anyway.
  • The install process was still failing if you had SharpDx set up before (error 2711).

ScreenToGif 2.35.1


  • The install process was failing if you had SharpDx set up (error 2711).

ScreenToGif 2.35

what’s new?

  • Migration to .NET 6 and project restructuring.
  • Added support for Arm64 processor architecture.
  • Smooth loop: Creates a smooth loop by analyzing frames, which is done by comparing to the first/starting one.


  • Reduced the chance for a crash when stopping a recording (with DirectX).
  • Discarding when in manual or interaction capture modes could cause a block scenario.

Version number 2.35.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website ScreenToGif
file size


License type GPL
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