Software update: Samurize 1.55

Version 1.55 of Samurize has just been released. With this program it is possible to display all kinds of information on your desktop such as CPU usage, free hard disk space, the temperature in the case and network traffic. The number of possibilities is unlimited by means of scripts, and things such as the weather forecast, what’s on television and what Winamp is currently playing can also be displayed. All this with beautiful pictures and graphics. The changelog for this release shows the following changes:

Bug fixes:

  • fixed WMI crashing bug
  • fixed vertical alignment issue
  • fixed paste decimal issue
  • fixed 1-px antialiased graph bug
  • fixed bizarre floating point error
  • fixed rare active script bug
  • fixed all decimal separator issues
  • fixed rectangle glitch
  • fixed config editor script saving bug
  • …plus a few more


  • added “actual” pagefile usage to memory meter
  • new AMPI (kudos to Tropics)
  • new Screensaver (kudos to Tropics)
  • middle mouse button = paste
  • tweaked scrolling
  • heaps of missing translations added
  • improved config loading error handling
  • improved script execution
  • improved script error reporting
  • minor tweaks to config editor
  • Winamp % playlist completion
  • DateTime week number
  • advanced WMI selection
  • scroll pause
  • nopng/noxml options for Server
  • text truncation
  • selected config/language file indicated in menus
  • new sample C++ source plugin (thanks AdamC)
  • bottom panel in config editor shown by default for new installations
  • client “Run on startup” option

New Features:

  • abs. always on top for Client
  • horizontal graphs/histograms
  • rubyscript support
  • animated GIF support
  • instance manager application [break]There are two topics on GoT in which you can find examples of and information about this program: Serious Samurize Stuff part 1 and Serious Samurize Stuff part 2.

Version number 1.55
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website samurize
File size


License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)