Software Update: RouterOS 7.1.5

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MikroTik has released two new versions of RouterOS in quick succession, an operating system that focuses on running router tasks† This includes routing network traffic, of course, but also bandwidth management, a firewall, controlling wireless access points, a hotspot gateway and a VPN server. It can be done on the hardware from MikroTik when doing its job on x86 or virtual machines. Before use, a license required, which is included with the purchase of MikroTik hardware.

Version 7.1 is the first stable release in the highly anticipated version 7 of RouterOS. Several new features have been added and the performance has also been significantly improved. Not all sharp edges have been removed from the software yet, so it is recommended that you read up on it before making the switch. The changelog since version 7.1.3 looks like this:

What’s new in 7.1.5:

  • route – fixed “table” menu emptying after RouterOS upgrade

What’s new in 7.1.4:

  • bgp – fixed VPNv4 route sending to remote peer
  • bridge – fixed destination NAT when using “use-ip-firewall” setting
  • bridge – fixed filter rules when using interface lists
  • bridge – fixed priority tagged frame forwarding when using “frame-types=admit-only-untagged-and-priority-tagged” setting
  • capsman – improved stability when running background scan on CAP
  • crs3xx – improved maximum allowed ACL rule calculation
  • crs3xx – improved system stability when creating many ACL rules on CRS317, CRS309, CRS312, CRS326-24S+2Q+ and CRS354 devices
  • l2tp – improved system stability when processing L2TP control messages
  • lte – made “no” the default value for “use-network-apn” parameter
  • lte – made “RG502QEAAAR11A06M4G” the last OTA firmware version update for Chateau 5G in RouterOS 7.1.x release tree
  • ntp – improved source address usage for reply packets
  • ospf – fixed default route origination when “default-originate=if-installed” “redistribute” is enabled
  • ospf – fixed incorrect LSA types when changing area types
  • ppp – added “comment” option for PPPoE servers
  • queue – improved system stability when using more than 255 unique packet marks
  • route – fixed ECMP load balancing in FastPath
  • route – fixed route addition to VRF from BGP
  • route – fixed routing configuration export on SMIPS devices
  • route-filters – renamed “*-set” to “*-list”
  • sfp – improved SFP module detection on CRS106 and CRS112
  • switch – fixed port-isolation misconfiguration detection when using multiple switches
  • traffic-flow – do not handle NAT events when “nat-events” is disabled
  • ups – fixed UPS support
  • winbox – added “VPN” tab to “Routing/BGP” menu
  • winbox – added “VRF” parameter for “SSH” and “Telnet” menus
  • winbox – do not show “Antenna Scan” button on devices that do not support it
  • wireguard – allow same peer’s public key for different interfaces
  • wireless – added “3gpp-info” parameter to interworking configuration
  • wireless – added EAP-AKA to interworking’s realm configuration
  • wireless – fixed interface initialization on Metal 2SHPn

Version number 7.1.5
Release status Final
Website MikroTik
License type Paid
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