Mojang releases separate beta test app for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

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Mojang has released the Minecraft Preview app for the Bedrock version on Xbox, Windows 10/11 and iOS. In it, Bedrock owners can test new features that are not yet out, without having to switch back and forth between the beta version and the current version of the game in the Xbox Insider Hub app.

The Minecraft Preview app is designed to keep the current version of Bedrock and the beta test version completely separate, writes Mojang. This means that you can play the versions separately on the same platform. First, Bedrock players had to download the Xbox Insider Hub and sign up for the Minecraft Beta program. Then their version of Minecraft Bedrock would be switched to the beta version. If they wanted to go back to the latest Bedrock version, they had to switch back in the Insider Hub.

Because the versions are separated from each other, certain features are missing in the Preview version. For example, the multiplayer mode, achievements and the marketplace from the regular Bedrock version are not available in Minecraft Preview.

Mojang wants to expand their Bedrock beta program to more platforms with the Minecraft Preview app. That is currently limited to Xbox, Windows and Android. The current beta program is still available on these platforms for now, but will eventually be replaced by Preview.

The Preview app is available for free to those who have Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on iOS and Windows 10/11. PC Game Pass subscribers and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers also get free access to the app on Windows. The Xbox version of Preview is now only available to members of the Xbox Insider program.

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