Software Update: PowerArchiver 2010 11.50 rc1

The developers of PowerArchiver have released the first release candidate of PowerArchiver 2010.; the full version designation reads 11.50 rc1. RC1 is from this server as an installation package for Windows. PowerArchiver is a comprehensive archiving program for creating archive files in various formats, including zip, rar, arj and 7z. In addition, the program is also capable of viewing image files and can mount the most expensive version of PowerArchiver image files to a virtual drive or burn them to a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc. The list of changes made in version 11.50 rc1 can be found below:


  • Faster interface.
  • Native and superior support for .zipx – advanced zip methods.
  • Virtual Drive 2010 has been released for PA 2010 (no significant changes).
  • Added support for Windows 98.
  • FTP addresses are now automatically saved as ftp profile.
  • Smaller burner interface improvements.
  • PA now automatically extracts rest of archive if user is opening html file.
  • Many smaller improvements everywhere.

Bug Fixes

  • #1339 – PA can not properly extract certain GZ files.
  • #1352 – PA shows nag screen in limited user accounts if no registry key.
  • #1265 – 120 dpi issue in column settings screen.
  • #1361 – Creating new profile in configuration.
  • #1360 – green light at status bar moves to the center.
  • #1358 – Sending file to burner via file menu doesnt work.
  • #1351 – back/fwd buttons dissapear.
  • #1344 – opening pk4 files does not work.
  • #1345 – find file does not find certain letters.
  • #1313 – tar paths issue under linux.
  • #1329 – dragging files in Total Commander.
  • #1337 – hotspot on extract window is outside of actual window.
  • #1050 – specific file extension not added to track lists.
  • #1335 – compressing folder in shell creates crc error.
  • #1330 – 64bit shell – compress to zip activates send to ftp.
  • #1153 – 64bit shell – shell extension icon not transparent.
  • #1324 – deleting a file in ftp if no permission.
  • #1320 – backup – store relative info stores full paths.

PACL 6.00 Beta 2 was also updated to reflect latest changes in PA compression library.

Version number 11.50 rc1
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website PowerArchiver
File size 8.13MB
License type Shareware