Software Update: phpMyAdmin 3.1.5

The developers of phpMyAdmin released version 3.1.5 some time ago. The new version is from this page downloadable in various versions. Using phpMyAdmin, a MySQL database can be maintained via a web browser. Not only is it possible to create databases and tables, but they can also be dropped and modified. In addition, queries can also be released on the database via phpMyAdmin. The changelog of phpMyAdmin 3.1.5 is published below:

Welcome to phpMyAdmin 3.1.5, a bugfix-only version containing, in particular, a fix for PHP 5.3 compatibility.

  • patch #2739001 [export] XML does not allow spaces in element names
  • bug #2780722 [import] Incorrect maximum file size
  • bug #2780356 [calendar] Null checkbox not unchecked when date is chosen
  • bug [calendar] js error “window.parent.addEvent is not a function”
  • patch #2773818 [export] Invalid “Content-Encoding” header
  • bug #2787162 [interface] Table with name ‘log_views’ is incorrectly displayed as a view
  • bug #2784400 [parser] INVOKER not understood by parser
  • [core] Compatibility with PHP 5.3.0RC2

Version number 3.1.5
Release status stable
Operating systems script language
Website phpMyAdmin
File sizes 1.46MB – 3.43MB
License type GPL