Software Update: Pivot 1.30 beta 2

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Pivot is a web-based interface written in PHP that makes it easy to manage the content of dynamic sites, such as weblogs. This CMS offers you the possibility to create multiple categories, let users respond to articles and adjust the looks of the site using templates. Furthermore, it can automatically create RSS and Atom feeds, manage news archives and does not need a database because all data is stored in XML files. Version 1.30 beta 2 is now available with the following announcement:

We’ve just released Pivot 1.30 beta 2. Besides the usual fixes and smaller additions there are three major things we’d like to point out here.

  • There are new built-in blockers for referer, comment, and trackback spam. Not only do these block the spam as it comes in, they also help a great deal in preventing the spammers from overtaxing your webserver.
  • We’ve decided to remove all built-in referer tracking from the Pivot package. If the default Pivot becomes useless to spam, in the long term the spammers will go elsewhere. This also means the ‘statistics’ screen is removed from the Pivot interface, since it has become obsolete.
  • TinyMCE has been updated to the latest version. If you prefer using the wysiwyg editor you should really check it out. It has become much better and much faster.

Version number 1:30 beta 2
Website Pivot
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License type GPL
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