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An NAC system can be used to secure a network environment. This allows, based on pre-set policies, network devices to be automatically blocked if an undesirable situation occurs. Think of unknown network devices of visitors, a worm that is trying to spread or an authorized device that is equipped with a different operating system via a boot flop or live CD. PacketFence is such a nac system, with support for 802.1x and vlan isolation, which allows a network device to be placed in the correct vlan after analysis. For more information, please refer to this page and to the 32nd [In]Secure Magazine, in which an article about this package can be found. The developers have released version 6.1.0 with the following changes:

New Features

  • Added support for CoovaChilli capable equipment
  • Added page to visualize the status of the services on all cluster members
  • Added support for RADIUS Change of Authorization on Meraki equipment
  • Added configurable actions to be executed at the end of a portal module
  • Automatic registration of devices is now configurable from the GUI on a per profile basis
  • A violation can now be triggered by a switch or a switch group
  • Portal profile filters can now be defined by switch groups
  • Moved RADIUS audit log in its own module in the admin interface
  • Saved searches support for the RADIUS audit log module
  • The portal now supports RADIUS Challenge Response authentication


  • Added module to redirect to internal or external pages within the portal modules configuration
  • Added configuration checkup for cluster.conf
  • Added ability to limit the number of logins when creating a local account
  • Added choice of sending either RADIUS CoA or Disconnect when deauthenticating a device
  • Admin interface is now available on all members of the cluster without the need of being the master
  • FreeRADIUS now logs to a separate file per process (authentication, accounting, load-balancer)
  • Improved performance of the online/offline search

Bug Fixes

  • Fix profile filter saving incorrectly on Debian Jessie
  • Improved internationalization in portal and admin web interfaces
  • Fixed email registration not working when activating access through a proxy or firewall
  • Authentication log (auth_log) will now be cleaned automatically via pfmon

Version number 6.1.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website PacketFence
License type GPL
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