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Software update: OpenBazaar 2.2.0

OpenBazaar is an open source project for an e-commerce platform, or online shopping, with the big difference that there is no central point, such as at a company web shop, but a p2p network in the background that everything ties together. Payments between sellers and buyers are made through various cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash and zcash. For more information we refer to this page where the features of OpenBazaar are discussed. The developers have released version 2.2.0, with the following modifications:

Release Notes
This is a major release, which adds buying and selling cryptocurrencies, opt in analytics, and many optimizations and bug fixes.
New Features

  • The ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies was added. The currencies can be sold at market rates. This feature is experimental, and is expected to be reactive as we recieve feedback from users. # 1308
  • An opt-in analytics package was added. Users are able to share non-identifying data with the development team. This will facilitate identifying bugs and improving the app. Users can start or stop sharing data at any time. # 1277


  • Norweigan, Polish, and Ukranian translations with the 80% translated requirement and were added as options for the client. # 1324
  • When viewing your sales, unfunded orders will now be hidden by default. You can still chose those orders. # 1310
  • Listing card image loads will be canceled when the image card is no longer on the screen. This is what you need to know about the results. # 1309
  • Verified moderators are now lazy-loaded. This will speed up startup, and notify the user of the changes. # 1298
  • Verified moderators are loaded from a Tor endpoint if the user is in Tor mode. # 1284

Bug Fixes

  • Blockdozer changed their URL for viewing BCH transactions, the URL used when viewing details of transactions has been updated. # 1320
  • An issue where the valid moderators were not correct moderators, and with the wrong formatting, was corrected. # 1307
  • A problem where invalid mods would never stop loading was fixed. # 1306
  • Error messages meant to be no longer in the settings / store tab. # 1306
  • Some layout issues with moderator cards were corrected. # 1300
  • In the settings / store tab, if a moderator has been assigned to your store, you will be disabled. # 1300
  • An unused memo parameter was removed from the purchase call. # 1314
  • A minor layout issue was corrected in the transactions list. # 1285
  • The bug where pages are changed to zero in the page tabs on the user page. # 1287
  • A layout issue with verified moderators was fixed. # 1270
  • Store pages will now open if one of the listings in them has an unrecognized currency value. # 1269


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