Software update: Hyena 13.0

SystemTools released version 13.0 of its software package Hyena a few days ago.With Hyena, Windows networks can be managed. The many options included in the package include managing Active Directory, managing Windows computers, updating Exchange accounts, and monitoring printers with their queues. For more information we refer to this page . The announcement of this recent version is as follows:

New Features in Hyena v13.0
Replication View. Hyena’s new Active Directory replication view allows for real time and historical viewing of all directory replication information. Available for any Active Directory object, the replication metadata can be used to assist in troubleshooting replication issues, as well as which directory attributes have been changed. Options include selecting all or specific domain controllers and what attributes to include in the replication query scope.
Other Hyena v13.0 Changes

  • Added flexible group attribute symbol method to group members query
  • Added ‘Copy’ to AD context menus.
  • Added images to header when filtering was performed on any column.
  • Changed ‘scheduled jobs ‘to’ scheduled tasks’ for better consistency with Windows terminology.
  • Made Unicode the default exporting option for text files.
  • Added ‘member’ and ‘memberof’ to list of attributes that will display the […] button on AD query parameters
  • Added validation to the log file field (Tools> Settings> Logging).
  • Added error message upon startup to close Hyena when run on Windows NT.
  • Added support for modifying Generalized Time / UTC DATE attributes to Active Task
  • Modified method to create GPO report
  • Minor changes to licensing dialogs and added disclaimer for GDPR compliance.
  • Worked around NetApp bug on share properties that resulted in NetApp devices being unable to resolve well l-known Windows groups such as ‘Everyone’.