Software Update: OBS Studio 27.1.1

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Version 27.1 of OBS Studio has been released and due to a bug a successor was immediately released. Open Broadcaster Software Studio is open source and cross platform software intended for recording and streaming video from one or more sources, such as a webcam, microphone, media files and the desktop. The changelog for this release shows the following changes and improvements:

27.1.1 Hot fix

  • Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect deployment of 27.1 on Windows, causing the Display Capture Source to look washed out

New Features and Additions

  • Added YouTube integration
    • Allows the ability to connect your YouTube account without using a stream key
    • Adds various features when setting up your stream that allows you to set settings for each stream: your stream title, description, privacy settings, scheduling streams, and more
    • YouTube streams are created and managed via a new “Manage Broadcast” button next to “Start Streaming”
    • Also features a chat dock for public and unlisted broadcasts (currently read-only)
    • Bandwidth testing is now supported in the Auto-Configuration wizard when logged in
    • Special thanks to the developers at YouTube for working with us directly on the initial implementation of this feature and helping to make it a reality
  • Added an 18-scene multiview option
  • Added a “Mask Only” option to the stinger track matte
  • Added a feature to browser sources to allow limited control over OBS, which must be explicitly granted by the user
  • Added an option to draw safe areas in the preview (same as the safe areas in the multiview)


  • Added performance fixes for Windows 11 and Windows 10 Insider builds
  • Names for displays on macOS Display capture are now human readable names
  • Auto-Remux now works with Replay Buffer
  • Optimized the media source, reducing unnecessary CPU usage
  • The missing files dialog will now detect missing files for stingers as well
  • Remove “Enter Fullscreen” from the menu on macOS because macOS already has a builtin fullscreen mode interface option
  • Sources that are invisible/hidden will now have their text dimmed as well in the source list
  • Added a “Missing Files Check” menu item to the “Scene Collections” menu
  • Added source icons to the source toolbar
  • Image sources that use gif files now will animate in preview when using studio mode
  • Enabled Alpha option in the Freetype 2 Text Source’s Font dialog
  • Added the ability to disable the Missing Files dialog using a startup flag
  • Added Ctrl+R on Linux and Cmd+R on macOS to reload browser panels
  • Re-enabled drag & drop for scenes & sources on Linux
  • Minor UI improvements to various areas, including Source Toolbar, Transform dialog and more
  • Improved internal behavior in the game capture source to avoid unnecessary re-hooking
  • Wayland capture sources are now available without having to pass custom parameters to OBS from the command line

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug on Wayland on Linux where the cursor would capture slightly mispositioned
  • Fixed a bug with Dynamic Bitrate that would cause it to malfunction when used with hardware encoders
  • Fixed a bug on Wayland where capture methods (ie window/desktop) that weren’t fully supported would appear anyway
  • Fixed a variety of color-related bugs in window capture and browser source
  • Fixed a bug where track matte stingers would flash previous frames sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where the projectors would list incorrect resolutions for DPI-scaled monitors
  • Fixed a crash on exit that could occur when using 3rd party plugins that hold references to sources with audio monitoring enabled
  • Fixed a bug where the Game Capture source would occasionally still capture overlays with the “Capture third-party overlays” option disabled
  • Fixed a bug where keyboard interaction did not work correctly on macOS
  • Fixed a bug where the replay buffer could crash when plugins interact with it
  • Fixed an issue where the mask/blend filter looked incorrect on version 27
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a scene that’s used as a source wouldn’t Undo/Redo properly
  • Fixed a bug where the Auto-Remux would pop up blank sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where performing a redo for creating sources would cause sources to be created in the wrong scene
  • Fixed the “Deactivate when not showing” option in the Decklink source not working properly
  • Fixed a bug where themes were unable to use previously defined palette variables
  • Fixed log viewer taking up unnecessary extra memory when closed
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting OBS with decklink output active
  • Fixed an issue where saving screenshots or the replay buffer would fail if the output filename format contained a directory path
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a connection was dropped during the Auto-Configuration Wizard’s bandwidth-testing stage
  • Disabled “Network Optimizations” when using RTMPS because of incompatibility
  • Fixed an issue where setting a zero second auto reconnect delay would cause OBS to stop responding if disconnected

Version number 27.1.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website OBS Studio
License type GPL
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