Software update: NVmax 1.5 Beta 1

J.apiooo reports that a new version of NVmax has finally been released, a tool to tweak all nVidia chipset-based video cards. The version number is 1.5 Beta 1. You can use the tool here take down. Below is a list of changes in this version:

General Fixes & New Features

  • Finally fixed video card detection on Windows 9.X
  • NVIDIA Driver detection (> 9.99) fixed
  • Auto driver update utility finds the latest driver and updates and lets you install them in in just a few clicks. WHQL option support..
  • Option to uninstall drivers from system.
  • Lower memory usage, up to 30% lower then any other NVIDIA tweaker
  • Faster operation than all prior versions due to efficient optimization. Loads in half the time.

New interface with faster operation and ergo friendly design.

  • fixed problem with location
  • tab type interface
  • transparency engine
  • skinned background and pictures

New system properties

  • //coming//- ​​ALi AGP chipset functions
  • Full hardware overclocking (unlimited values) New DirectX properties
    • Further compatibility for latest drivers (inc. anisotropic filtering)
    • Better Anti-Alias ​​support
    • Power user database, based on installed driver gives 100% power to the user.

    New OpenGL properties

    • texture quality fix
    • Power user database, based on installed driver gives 100% power to the user.

    New Display properties

    • //coming//- ​​Full Overlay control & Zoom facility
    • Improves color control management
    • //coming//- ​​Monitor refresh rate changer
    • //coming//- ​​Resolution & Color depth functions.

    New Launcher / Preset properties

    • Enumeration to find all future DirectX & OpenGL properties for future support
    • Icon extraction for the application you select to launch
    • Better management of databases.
  • Version number 1.5 Beta 1
    Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
    Website NVmax