Software update: NewsBin Pro 6.60 build 3906 beta 8

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The eighth beta release of NewsBin Pro version 6.60 has been released. With this program files, such as photos, videos and programs, can be retrieved from usenet. It has everything you would expect from a usenet downloader, such as support for multi-threading, ssl and autopar. There are also extensive filter options and an optional Usenet search service can be used. The changelog for this release looks like this:

Changes in version 6.60 Beta 8 Build 3906

  • Watch function works on either headers or Newsbin Internet Search now.
  • Fixed issue with AutoPAR setting not being honored “Use internal RAR timestamps”
  • Newsbin created NZB files were missing the traditional NZB boiler plate.
  • Fixed issue where Ctrl-R was leaving the items in the post lists checked.
  • Made change so if there is a Search error when expanding search results in the search list, the error will pop up.
  • Fixed issue where files that used to be in the download list caused the display to show “checked” in post list.
  • Fixed crash bug if you select and delete an expanded set.
  • Added “SearchInterval” .nbi setting to control how often periodic search will check the configured watches. Set it under the [SEARCH] tag in the .nbi file. Default is 60 minutes. It will ignore any settings < 30 minutes.
  • Fixed issue where ctrl-y (force download) isn’t working when queuing from the failed list.
  • Fixed issue showing size of selected items in the wish list.
  • Fixed Download List order problem. Displayed order wasn’t the same as internal order.
  • Changes to improve rendering speed of items in the lists.
  • Fixed issue with Pause
  • Fixed issue where clicking Properties from right-click menu on watch parent wasn’t bringing up options
  • Fixed issue where group filters in Search could get cleared from the keyboard without clearing the filter internally.
  • Fixed issue where an expanded set that gets sent to the failed list wasn’t compacted first.
  • Fixed issue where timestamps of an expanded set were not being correct if the file was paused.
  • Fixed progress display on header downloads, wasn’t accurate.
  • Experimental: From Search, now uses your search term in the same places the NZB Filename would be used. For example the $(NZBFILE) path variable.
  • Fixed issue where you would lose files is you queued a bunch of them (> one screen full) from the failed or wish list into the download list.
  • Server list in the Servers tab is now sorted in priority order.
  • Servers in server list can be collapsed or expanded to see individual connections
  • Show Filenames has been hooked up.
  • Fixed issue renaming files from the files list.
  • Now processes backlogged headers from the Import folder in chronological order because showing newly imported posts ignores display age.
  • Fixed issue with Mark New
  • Fixed sort on Status column in Post list.
  • Fixed issue converting a test download to a real download.
  • Fixed issue where single file RARS with a PARID wouldn’t leave the download list.
  • Fixed issue where deleting from the download list wasn’t deleting partial downloads.
  • Changes in how download list entries are rendered.
  • Changes in AutoPAR to sure files from all folders are copied back into the folder the PAR files are in.
  • Changes in AutoPAR when moving files to the PAR folder, now updates the autopar DB to indicate the new folder location and deletes any empty folders
  • Disabled Downloaded.db3 checking upon startup. It was taking too long for people with large download lists. It’s a trade-off, might be temporary.
  • Fixed issue in Add Filters screen where deleting a block of filters wasn’t clearing selection
  • Added a delete option to the filter right click menu.
  • Fixed issue when posting groups of files, the file counter wasn’t counting up.
  • Fixed issue with Parless QPMS (QuickPar-MasterSplitter) files not assembling.
  • Make sure RAR and MasterSplitter sets that do not have associated PAR files get deleted after processing.
  • Changed Show Filename Mode in the download list to show the NZB Filename and actual filename.

Version number 6.60 build 3906 beta 8
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website DJI Interprises, LLC
File size


License type Shareware
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