Software Update: NewsBin Pro 6.53 build 3311

After three release candidates, the final of NewsBin Pro version 6.53 has now been released. With this program files such as photos, movies and programs can be retrieved from usenet. New in version 6.50 is, among other things, a so-called watch function, which can be used to watch for specific content when retrieving the headers. Also, the download can be extracted to any location. No changes have been made since RC3, these are all changes and improvements made since version 6.52.

Version 6.53 Build 3311

  • Rebuild to remove Release Candidate designation from title bar. No changes from build 3309

Version 6.53 Release Candidate 3 Build 3309

  • Fixed crash issue introduced a couple of builds ago.

Version 6.53 Release Candidate 3 Build 3305

  • Fix issue unraring parless rars.
  • Changed how header importing works in an effort to reduce total load and speed feeding.

Version 6.53 Release Candidate 2 Build 3298

  • Fix issue introduced in 3297 processing QPMS files

Version 6.53 Release Candidate 2 Build 3297

  • Now will try harder to download PAR2 files if there are errors downloading the smaller PAR2 files.
  • Fixed issue when unraring into a folder that already has the same filenames.

Version 6.53 Release Candidate 2 Build 3296

  • Change so when AutoPAR is disabled, Newsbin will blindly download all files in the set, rars and pars. This addresses an issue where pars were downloading but not getting saved when AutoPAR was disabled.

Version 6.53 Release Candidate 1 Build 3295

  • Quick-turn release to address the following issues:
  • Fixed issue where Newsbin wouldn’t assemble after retries expired.
  • Fixed issue where PARS wouldn’t un-pause when they were supposed to.
  • Fixed issue where disabling autopar would still pause par downloads.
  • Fixed issue where Unraring image files would totally stall out Newsbin.

Version 6.52 Final Release (#2) Build 3289

  • Fixed cosmetic issue, downloaded files were being listed as “Spam” in the Status column

Version number 6.53 build 3311
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website DJI Interprises, LLC
License type Shareware