Software update: NewsBin Pro 6.50 build 2927 beta 14

Beta release 14 of NewsBin Pro version 6.50 has been released. With this program files – such as photos, movies and programs – can be retrieved from usenet. New in version 6.50 is, among other things, a watch function, which can be used to watch for specific content when retrieving the headers. Also, the download can be extracted to a different location than where it is initially saved. Since beta 12, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Version 6.50 Beta 14 Build 2927

  • Watch lists are now stored in the .nbi file instead of a .db3 database to reduce internal complexity.
  • Now stores previous watch list searches to disk. When you check a Watch list, it now loads stored searches then adds new search results to existing stored searches when you do another search.
  • Fixed issue where bogus entries could get into a watch list configuration.
  • Fixed an issue int the Scheduler for when you have the pause timeouts set and the scheduler set forpause during the same time. The timeouts were kicking in and unpausing periodically.
  • Fixed the “Last Updated” timestamps so they are updated every time there is a new entry

Version 6.50 Beta 13 Build 2883

  • Fixed issue where Newsbin would hang when expanding search results if user has no subscription or an expired subscription
  • Fixed issue where Internet Search results would not display in trial mode (no key entered).

Version 6.50 Beta 13 Build 2882

  • Servers and Connections tab has been combined into one tab “Servers”. Enable under the View menu.
  • Fixed issue where the status of downloading files wasn’t appearing in the current post list tab.
  • Fixed the “typical retention” function that prevents Newsbin from attempting to download posts older than the set retention from a particular server.
  • Made adjustments to aggressive mode because QPMS processing wasn’t working right when aggressive mode is enabled.
  • Fixed issue where failed chunks in an article would stall the download queue.
  • Fixed the right click menu in the Servers tab.
  • Fixed issue where the odometer wasn’t working for some people
  • Fixed reference to Performance tab says Spam filters
  • Fixed issue when using “Show Filenames” when special characters were in the filename.
  • Fixed issue where assembling files prior to QPMS repair would cause a GUI stall.
  • Fixed issue where certain worker threads were getting set to a high priority and taking more CPU than they should.
  • Fixed potential crash issue if the autopar DLL is missing.
  • Disabled the audio thread built into the GUI library.
  • Added a periodic data folder purge for samples, NZBs and unused chunks.

Known Issues:

  • Expanding a post from search results with no subscription or an expired subscription hangs Newsbin
  • Filter Profiles don’t get applied on first search through Internet Search

Version number 6.50 build 2927 beta 14
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website DJI Interprises, LLC
File size


License type Shareware