Software Update: MythTV 0.19

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MythTV is a so-called Personal Video Recorder; the program enables you to transform a PC into a media center with which television programs can be recorded and viewed simultaneously or afterwards. In addition, it is possible to view images via MythTV, download the programming and the program can control several TV tuners. The functionality of the program can also be expanded by means of plugins. The MythTV site recently released version 0.19 appeared. The update can be done by clicking on this link be downloaded and comes with a laundry list of changesthe most important of which are listed below:

The major changes in this release are:

  • LiveTV rewritten to support saving buffered content while watching
  • Signal Monitoring for DVB and pcHDTV recorders
  • Ending times may be changed while recordings are in progress
  • Playgroups allow for default playback options on recordings
  • Channel changes can be made across tuners without changing tuners manually first
  • New popup keyboard simplifies setup using remote
  • Preview schedule changes when making adjustments to recording schedules
  • Added ability to control MythFrontend through a telnet socket
  • Closed captioning support on PVR-250/350 (but not 150/500) cards, DVB subtitles, and other cards supporting VBI information.
  • New theme (MythCenter), new plugin (MythFlix), and new contributed programs (mythlcdserver, mythwelcome)
  • Significantly overhauled MythWeb, please read the README for details and installation instructions
  • Added a basic internal DVD player, removing the need to use Xine or Mplayer


Version number 0.19
Operating systems Linux
Website MythTV
License type GPL
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