Software update: DC++ 0.685

The developers of DC++ released version 0.685 of the program yesterday. The update is on this location can be downloaded as an installer and takes up more than 3.28 megabytes as an exe file. There may also be a zip archive downloaded, but this download takes up roughly 4.62 megabytes. DC++ is a file sharing program that allows users to share files via peer-2-peer. Version 0.685 ships with the following changes:


  • Fixed “browse list” being available for NMDC users
  • [ADC] Removed obsolete CI field
  • Fixed missing upload progress
  • [bug 89] Readded dynamic compression disabling
  • Added filelist download speed to filelist browser status bar
  • Added advanced hublist filter (thanks trem)
  • [bug 579] Fixed 0-byte files not being created if directory doesn’t exist
  • [bug 804] Cleaned up project files (thanks pothead)
  • Socket buffer size = 0 now means use system default
  • [bug 789] Fixed wrong nick being copied (thanks ullner)
  • [bug 794] [ADC] Fixed automatic reconnect (thanks ullner)
  • [bug 806] Fixed description for favorite hubs (thanks ullner)
  • Updated to latest ADC specs, this will break 0.68/0.681/0.6811 queue sources and fav users (for NMDC as well)
  • Fixed a buffered socket crash
  • [ADC] Fixed quitting user processing (thanks ullner)
  • Clarified upload speed setting (thanks pothead)
  • Manual away setting no longer cleared when un-minimizing (thanks pothead)
  • Search result automating waits with match until file list is downloaded if auto-matching enabled
  • Slight performance improvement when sending files
  • Fixed an issue with nick names disappearing from hub
  • Added customizable maximum user count when autosearching
  • Changed to open source version unicows for win9x users, perhaps this one will work better for you (see it as a last attempt; if it doesn’t work, w9x support will be phased out completely unless someone else solves the win9x issues)
  • [bug 774] Fixed invalid description being sent if hub modifies it
  • [bug 818] Fixed default exit mnemonic
  • Fixed some more crashes (thanks bigmuscle)
  • Fixed some shutdown issues
  • Updated country database

Version number 0.685
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website DC++
File size


License type GPL