Software Update: Mozilla Milestone 18

coen was the first to announce that Mozilla Milestone 18 is out:

Milestone M18 has just hit the FTP site – get it while it’s hot. If you’ve been checking out the trunk builds, you’re already ahead of the curve – the trunk builds are looking really good recently. Now if they can just get the performance of the Personal Security Manager up to snuff, Mozilla will be something I can use for all my browsing.

The M18 release builds are available here. Versions for LinuxmacWindowsand OpenVMS are available. Also, there is a Windows mathML/SVG/XSLT build available and a MathML/SVG build available for Linux; I’m not sure what other files you’ll need to install to get XSLT working, though (if any).

Version number Milestone 18
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux
Website Mozillazin