Software Update: BP6FSB 1.3B6

On, the mention to find a new version of BP6FSB, the handy tool with which you can adjust the frontsidebus speed on your Abit BP6 motherboard. The fan control, which appeared in the previous version, has now become even better: when the fan starts to run faster again, it does not immediately go to 100%, but in steps. In addition, a few more changes:

Version 1.3 beta 6

Changed the way Fan Control works, it is now ‘static’, with an adjustable temperature range.

A Max. and Min Fan throttle can now be selected too.

It is only possible to have one configuration dialog open at a time now.

Fixed the configuration dialog redrawing problem.

Changed the order of the tray icons, it will now display CPU1 – CPU2 – Case – Fan1 – Fan 2.

Version number 1.3B6
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000