Software Update: Morpheus 5.1

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Morpheus is a p2p exchange program with support for various networks. For example, the eDonkey2000, Gnutella and FastTrack network is supported with the many clients on it. Version 5.1 has recently been placed on the website to be downloaded with the following changes:

Morpheus 5.1 is available:

  • Download improvements including UDP to UDP firewall transfers
  • Tunes integration – quick and easy audio and video exporting to iTunes from playlists and My Files.
  • Choice of Skins (additional exclusive skins for Ultra users)
  • No Bundles, No Spyware
  • Countless bug fixes, optimizations, and other changes not within the scope of this announcement.

Version number 5.1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Morpheus
License type Adware
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