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Version 8.3.1 of moOde audio player has been released. This program turns a Raspberry Pi into an extended one music center and can play music files stored on the local network, from Internet radio stations and from various streaming services. The player can be operated via a web browser or mobile device and there is support for a large number of DACs, so that the music can also be played in high quality. The changelog for this release looks like this:

moOde 8.3.1 is available

This release is based on RaspiOS Bullseye Lite most recent packages as of 2023-04-17, Linux kernel 6.1.21, our suite of custom drivers and patches, and important updates and bug fixes as listed below.


  • Bump to Linux kernel 6.1.21 build #1642
  • Bump to upmpdcli 1.7.7
  • Add Volume range option for CamillaDSP volume type
  • FIX: Rpi Imager WiFi credential import fail due to race condition
  • FIX: CamillaDSP volume restore after renderer ends
  • FIX: CamillaDSP volume proxy high CPU utilization
  • Add I2S entries for the Raspberry Pi branded audio devices
  • Add new FluxFM stations
  • Update playable URLs for FluxFM station group, 2BOB and Czech Radio Classical


The ISO image does not contain the userid pi, SSH service, WiFi SSID or
Access Point password. Refer to the moOde Setup Guide for details on how
to set these up.

In place update

There is an in-place update available via the “CHECK for software update” button in System Config. Click the VIEW button to read about the contents of the update package. Be sure to BACKUP your system before applying the update.

Version number 8.3.1
Release status Final
Website moOde audio
License type GPL
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