Software Update: MBM 5.05

walu writes that Alex has put a new version of Motherboard Monitor 5 online. As usual, there are quite a few small things that have been improved:


-Added support for Myson008 sensor chip (beta)

-Added support for ITE8712F sensor chip (beta)


-Added support for custom colors on the high/low page

-Added little alarm bell icon on high/low page, hold mouse over to get a

quick look at alarm values

-Scale values ​​for vu-meter (temperatures) will now be shown in C or F

-Scale values ​​for vu-meter (voltages) can now be set with 0,1 increases

-Scale values ​​for vu-meter (fans) now show RPM behind them

-Added option to select text label meter for the dashboard

-Changed the font color selection box for dashboard meters into a button,

which makes it possible to select not only color but all other font

options. Digital style meter will simply take the color while the text

label meter will take all the settings from this selection

-Added option to enable or disable the fact that MBM add the time and date

to the email subject

-Added button to open help file


-Added : text label meter

-Changed: Vu-meter coloring, which means that:

voltage meters will go from red to green to red, so center values ​​are

ok, to high to low mean red

fan meters will go from red to green, so the lower the fan rpm the

closer to save it will go

-Changed: Dashboard will check to see if it is inside the desktop area

when opening, if not then it will move itself inside this area. some users

had the dashboard disappear

Popup Menu

-Added button to open help file

-Added button the The Geek Group

Version number 5.05
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website MBM Homepage