Driver update: nVidia Detonator 6.88

ThE_DrOoP dropped the first link to The-Ctrl-Alt-Del, where again a new version of nVidia’s Detonator drivers can be downloaded. This time it is version 6.88 and they are only available for Win9x. Nothing is known yet about the speed and/or stability of the drivers and as usual there are no release notes. The download is 1.88MB in size:

Detonator 6.88 Win Download (local) win9x here or here We’ve just received another e-mail this time with some new 6.88 nVidia Detonator drivers for Win9x dated 01/18/2001. We’re not sure if the drivers are real but early indication show that they just might be. As always may we remind you that these files are beta and unsupported by nVidia so please download at your own risk.

Version number 6.88
Operating systems Windows 9x
Website The Ctrl-Alt-Del