Software Update: MBM 5.04

thefalcon writes that there is another new version of Motherboard Monitor 5. This new version, 5.04, fixes some problems as usual and adds a few small things :

  • DLL

    Added support for dual LM87 boards

    – Super micro 370DLR

    – Added support for user selection of Fan Divider

    – Added support for shared memory write, this allows 3rd party programs to push values ​​into the MBM 5 shared memory which MBM will respond to like they where comming from a sensor chip , check the help file for more info.

    – Fixed a problem with the SIS temperature readout

    – Fixed issue with LM79 and Fan 3 showing double
  • Settings

    – Added support for user selection of Fan Divider (default remains 4)
  • logger

    – Fixed degree symbol issue in XML log

    – Fixed day+1 issue on XML log
  • Help File

    – Updated

    – Added shared memory section

Version number 5.04
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website MBM Homepage