Driver Update: ATi Radeon 32MB DDR (OEM)

New driver for Windows 98 and Windows ME, note the ‘known issues’!

RADEON Windows 98 / ME Display Driver

Size: 8.1MB (Multiple language support)

DirectX 8/OpenGL Special Purpose Driver

Version: D7.20-0110b-119E-ATI (4.13.7072)

Posted: 01/16/01

This driver release has the following fixes:

– Some games may show vertical lines moving around in 16bit modes. This can be fixed by changing the dithering type in the ATI D3D properties of advanced display properties

– Unreal Tournament can start with Loki’s OpenGL patch

– Giants runs properly with cubic environment mapping

– XL-R8R no longer has solid textures during explosion

– Midtown Madness 2 fixes

– Oni fixes

This driver release has the following known issues:

– No One Lives Forever has lines around some text in menus and game

– Colin McRae Rally 2 menu is difficult to see what is selected

Version number 4.13.7072
Operating systems Windows 9x