Download Matrox Tweak Utility 3.0

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Arno Slatius announced that Matrox has released a new version of their Tweak Utility. The following things have been improved:

  • AGP, motherboard, and chipset status added in the AGP tab.
  • Added a system information type button in the miscellaneous tab. Please use fixed fonts for proper display when viewing the .txt file. ***Win98 and NT users must get the file wmicore.exe
  • Audio tab where the user can select any pre-defined range of frequencies they wish between 400hz – 2600hz and output it via their sound card. The test tone will play for 10 seconds.
  • Added a help section.
  • Auto detection of your Matrox graphic card.
  • Added a monitor profile tab where you will be able to add any resolution you wish. In this tab, you are able to add any resolution you wish with a maximum of 2560×1536. In order for the new resolution to appear in the display properties’ slider, the chosen resolution must be either a ratio of 4 : 3 or 16 : 9. The new added resolution will use minimal settings with a 60hz refresh rate. It is then upto the client to fine tune the monitor profile via our PD monitor tab.

Version number 3.0
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
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