Software update: Matomo 4.3.0

Version 4.3.0 of Matomo has been released. Matomo is an open source alternative to Google Analytics. It uses php and a MySQL database to do its job. The functionality can be easily extended with plugins, of which more than twenty are included. Of course you can also turn it off if certain functionality is not needed. For more information about Matomo, please refer to this page. The release notes for this release are as follows:

Breaking Changes

  • Before every JS error was tracked, from this version the same JS error will be only tracked once per page view. If the very same error is happening multiple times, then it will be tracked only once within the same page view. If another page view is tracked or when the page reloads, then the error will be tracked again.
  • It’s no longer possible to store any class instances directly in the session object. Please use arrays or plain data instead.

Upcoming Breaking Changes

  • In Matomo 4.3.0 we have added a ‘passwordConfirmation’ parameter to the CorePluginsAdmin.setSystemSettings API method. It is currently optional, but will become mandatory in version 4.4.0. Plugin developers and users of the API should make sure to update their plugins and apps before this happens.

New config.ini.php settings

  • The `password_hash_algorithm`, `password_hash_argon2_threads`, `password_hash_argon2_memory_cost` and `password_hash_argon2_time_cost` INI config options have been added to allow using specific `password_hash` algorithms and options if desired.
  • The `enable_php_profiler` INI config option was added. This must now be set to 1 before profiling is allowed in Matomo.

Version number 4.3.0
Release status Final
Operating systems script language
Website Matomo
File size


License type GPL