Software update: MaraDNS 1.1.91

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MaraDNS can, as the name suggests, set up a DNS. The program is written with the premise of creating a secure and compact DNS. For example, it uses its own library to prevent buffer overflows and does not run in a root account but as an unprivileged user. The developers have released version 1.1.91 in the unstable branch with the following changes:

Version 1.1.91:

  • Made all man page headings all caps, to be consistent with standard man page style.
  • Updated “unsupported features” part of MaraDNS man page to point out that 1.2 now supports more non-RFC1035 DNS features
  • Plain text documents in a more easily found directory (doc/en/text instead of doc/en/tutorial/text).
  • Added a modified version of Paul Sowden and Peter-Paul Koch’s styleswitcher.js file so that people who need a large font to read a web page can get the large font with just one click.
  • Updated the authoritative and recursive tutorial documents to cover the case of wanting a recursive name server to have private host names.
  • Explicitly tell the user /etc/mararc is not being replaced during make install process.
  • Updated the FAQ for version 1.2 of MaraDNS.
  • Split up the DNS introduction document and the list of all tutorials, usage guides, and man pages.
  • Added makefile in webpage document (now I have a one-command way of updating the MaraDNS webpage).
  • Spelling errors checked and corrected in all tutorial and man page documents.

Version 1.1.90:

  • Fixed some bugs in the ej2man script; the man pages now look nicer.
  • Added a new EJ tag: HIBIT; this allows some EJ output to contain hi-bit characters (such as HTML pages) while other EJ output has equivalent content with no hi-bit characters (such as man pages, which don’t take well to non-ASCII)
  • Fixed rendering problems with the pdf manpage reference (I updated ps2pdf to the one from the latest 8.53 Ghostscript) and added the csv2_txt man page to this reference (HIBIT makes this now possible).
  • Renamed security_design.html security.html to make it clear this is a document about MaraDNS’ security.

Version 1.1.61:

  • Document minor updates: default value of timestamp_type is now five (this was changed in 1.1.60); Clarify that maradns needs to be restarted to reload zones in DNSslave document; corrected misspelled words and minor grammatical errors in the Quick Start guide
  • Mac OS X port: MaraDNS sucessfully compiles on Mac OS X (Darwin) again; all compile time warnings removed.
  • MinGW32 port: Changed port to use #ifdef statements instead of a patch to make source Win32-compatible; this allows me to make source changes without having to constantly update the mingw32 patch.

Version 1.1.60:

  • Authoritative tutorial expanded and updated
  • DNS master document written; DNS tcp file updated
  • Procedure for making text files updated
  • Text files for tutorial added
  • Examples added to “dangling” document
  • Updated spec file to include maradns.zoneserver startup script
  • Removed OSRC ( doesn’t resolve) and Alternic ( owned by squatter) from example full mararc file
  • Added document on being a DNS slave
  • Verified that shell scripts in dnsslave document work
  • Created document on updating from MaraDNS 1.0 to 1.2 (most of the time, change nothing)
  • Many other tutorial improvements
  • Verified spelling of all tutorial documents
  • mararc man page correction: csv1 zone files are for MaraDNS 1.0, not 1.X
  • HR tag added to ej specification.

Version number 1.1.91
Operating systems Linux, BSD, Solaris, UNIX
Website MaraDNS
File size


License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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