Software Update: Goim 1.0.0

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Goim is short for Gamers Own Instant Messenger and uses the Jabber/XMPP protocol for communication. The program is specially written for gamers and with this program you can also see which game and on which server your friends are playing at that moment. The developers have been busy developing and version 1.0.0 is the result. The announcement looks like this:

Released GOIM 1.0.0: Since I think that GOIM got kind of stable enough for basic messaging and presence as well as basic game features (seeing who is playing which game on which server) I’ve decided to jump to version 1.0.0. This release basically contains bug fixes and only small enhancements.

Bug Fixes:

  • BrowserChatWindow sent empty content when a user keeps hitting return.
  • Update Scheduler is now included. (I forgot to add it in 0.1.7)
  • Improved UDP sniffer (it will now only trigger a joined server event after the 3rd packet to the same host, otherwise a server browser asking a server for information would trigger it. should work better this way)
  • Created a win32 .ico file for the .exe launcher with all sizes and color depths. so there shouldn’t be an eclipse logo when creating a desktop shortcut.
  • Improved Game Starting (a few games didn’t launch in the game’s directory)
  • Fixed Chat Window bug not displaying tags()


  • Tray Icon is now enabled by default and when main window is minimized it will be hidden from the taskbar. it can be shown again by clicking on the tray icon.
  • AA, BF2 and UT2k4 servers now will be queried for their name after the user joins them. This way the server name will be shown in the tooltip beside the IP address. In the future it might also be used to broadcast the current map, server version, punkbuster options, etc..
  • Added a reply for jabber:iq:version IQ packets.

[break]Goim 1.0.0 is available in the following two flavors:
Linux GTK
Windows installer

Version number 1.0.0
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP
Website Goim
License type GPL
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