Software Update: Linux NVClock

Evil3D has a handy program for linux users who would like to overclock their nVidia video card: nvclock. With this you can do exactly that:

Have you been bangin’ your head against the wall trying to figure out how to twist up the performance of your NVIDIA card just like the Winblow$ sufferers can? Well peeps, today is your lucky day! NVClock will save you many a lump on your noggin’ and will have you fraggin’ away at new performance levels in no time.

NVClock is a small utility that allows users to overclock NVIDIA based video cards running on the Linux platform. The original code used in building this application was borrowed from the nvcs application. That code has been extensively reworked in order to make the utility much more user friendly and to make it play nice with current distros and drivers.[break]And the release notes:[/break]

    v0.1.1 – March 13, 2001

  • more code cleanups (thanks phoenix)
  • better command line handling
  • root warning

    v0.1 – March 10, 2001

  • command line overclocking
  • code cleanups

    v0.01 – first release

  • basic overclocking

Version number 0.1.1
Operating systems Linux
Website evil3D