Software Update: Linux Kernel 2.6.0 Test5

Linus Torvalds informs us that since the day before yesterday version 2.6.0-test5 of the Linux kernel available is. This version fixes some issues related to the PCMCIA and USB interface. Furthermore, as usual quite a few minor bugs have been fixed. The complete changelog is too long to post, so you can here read back:

Lots of small stuff, as usual. I think the biggest “core” change is the
Futex changes by Jamie and Hugh, and the dev_t preparations by Al Viro.

But there are ARM and ppc updates here too, and a few drivers have bigger
fixes (tg3 driver and the USB gadget interface stand out on diffstat).
Watchdog driver updates etc. And Russell King fixed more PCMCIA issues.


Version number 2.6.0 test5
Operating systems Linux, Linux x86
file size


License type GPL