Software Update: Kopano Groupware Core 8.7.1

Kopano Groupware Core has its origins in the Zarafa Collaboration Platform. This program can be seen as an open source counterpart of Microsoft Exchange Server, and is able to handle e-mail, calendar and webmail functions. In addition, based on Z-push and ActiveSync, it offers the Kopano Outlook Extension add-in, which allows a Microsoft Outlook client to communicate, and also offers a DeskApp for Linux, macOS and Windows. The developers released Kopano Groupware Core 8.7.1 earlier this month with the following announcement:

Kopano Groupware Core 8.7.1 final available

Dear forum,
we have just pushed the 8.7.1 release into the final download repository. Pushing it out took a bit longer than anticipated since we were chasing after two bugs related to caching. A complete overview of changes can be found in the changelog.
Updating can be done through the repositories, packages can be downloaded from the portal or from the download server.


  • KC-1093 Kopano-utils: kopano-localize-folders uses removed function
  • KC-1146 Build: dat is linked with libpython
  • KC-1179 Spooler: process hanging around and needs to be restarted
  • KC-1248 Dependency: sle12 no python3-bsddb3 available
  • KC-1304 Prefer python2 for sles
  • KC-1355 Z-push synchronization stops with a segmentation fault after that a folder re-sync is triggered
  • KC-1393 Vmime: regression in message id
  • KC-1396 Dependency issue: kopano-mailbox-permissions depends on missing python-kopano
  • KC-1400 Dagent: directly stops on ipv4 only systems
  • KC-1401 Rhel 6: unresolved dependency for python-pytz
  • KC-1402 Server: invalid ldap search filter containing (
  • KC-1404 Upgrade on debian doesn’t restart the services
  • KC-1405 Dagent: plugin movetopublic doesn’t work
  • KC-1406 cannot be run on kopano 8.7.0
  • KC-1408 Kopano-dbadm: still running while kopano server runs
  • KC-1409 Server: useless error messages when userscript directive is empty
  • KC-1410 Kopano-search uses python3 instead of python on debian 8
  • KC-1413 Gsoap has zlib disabled
  • KC-1415 can’t find mapi.util module
  • KC-1416 Kopano-srvadm complains about default_store_locale
  • KC-1417 Server: properties sent to client are truncated at 255 bytes under certain circumstances
  • KC-1419 Kopano-localize-folders: syntax error
  • KC-1425 Kopano-oof: does not accept user names passed with -u
  • KC-1426 Kopano-set-oof: does not set body and subject of oof
  • KC-1427 Dagen: traceback when handling many mails
  • KC-1430 Inetmapi: from and to headers are always encoded – even when just ascii, triggering spam filters
  • KC-1433 Dagen: kopano-mr-process show traceback
  • KC-1435 Oof: setting a message body disables out of office
  • KC-1436 Oof: not clear how to use –dump-json or what it does
  • KC-1437 Kopano server segfault on collax
  • KC-1439 No tls can be renegotiated when server is built with openssl 1.1.1 and using default server_ssl_protocols
  • KC-1443 Client: on-demand loading of large properties appears broken
  • KC-1444 Server: mails turn up as unread again after some time
  • KC-1449 Kopano-spooler: stopping kopano-spooler takes a very long time when using file-logging
  • KC-1452 Gateway: signal abort, out of memory or unhandled exception
  • KC-1453 Gateway: segfault near hropendefaultstoreep12imapisession
  • KC-1455 Search: index files based on file type
  • KC-1460 Migration-pst: skip over corrupt entryids
  • KC-1468 Kopano utils: dependency issue


  • KC-1256 Server: join ecthreadpool and ecthreadmanager
  • KC-1422 Server: multiserver server crash in ssl handling

Version number 8.7.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website Kopano
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)