Software Update: HyperSnap-DX 6.01.00

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Hyperionics has finally released the final release of HyperSnap 6. The full version number has reached 6.01.00, and the download is possible here are being found. Screenshots can be made with this program. These can be created in the normal desktop environment as well as in DirectX, Direct3D, Voodoo and Glide environments. There is also an auto-scroll function that allows your screenshot to be larger than what you actually see on your screen, for example from a web page. In addition, some simple edits can also be made, such as adding text and arrows to clarify things. The main innovation in this release is TextSnap, which captures text from a page where cut/copy/paste is not possible. The full changelog looks like this:

release notes for HyperSnap 6.01.00:

  • New major release, adds TextSnap technology to capture editable text from screen where normal copy/paste is not available, plus a few other enhancements.


Version number 6.01.00
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Hyperionics
File size


License type Shareware
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