Software update: GitLab 11.2

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GitLab can be compared to the better known GitHub but contains a number subtle differences . It is an environment for managing Git repositories on-premises and is published under the MIT Expat license and developed in Ruby on Rails. It is available in two versions, namely the free to use Community Edition and a paid Enterprise Edition, with more features aimed at large companies. The two flavors are explained on this page . The development team has released GitLab 11.2 and the release notes for this release can be found below.

GitLab 11.2 released with live preview in the Web IDE and Android project import
We are super excited to deliver new features with 11.2 that will help you get started and iterate faster. Today we deliver enhancements to the Web IDE, support for manifest files to import Android projects, and enable custom project templates.
Preview changes in the Web IDE
The Web IDE makes it faster and easier to contribute to your projects by providing an advanced code editor with commit staging right within your browser. With GitLab 11.2 we’ve made it even easier to see the effect of your code changes and debug before you commit. You can now preview your JavaScript web app in the Web IDE, view your changes in real time, right next to the code for client-side evaluation
In addition, with 11.2, you can delete and rename files and switch branches ever leaving the Web IDE
Android project import
Until now, importing complex project structures with multiple sub-structures was a tedious, time-consuming task. With our new support for XML manifest files, you can now import larger project structures with multiple repositories altogether, in bulk, including Android OS code from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).
Cloud native simplified
The Cloud Native Helmet Chart is now generally available to help you install GitLab on Kubernetes. This chart features a more cloud native architecture, with a container for each component or GitLab and no requirement for shared storage. The result is increased resilience, scalability, and performance or GitLab on Kubernetes. A GitLab Runner is also deployed, making it easy to get started with GitLab CI / CD.
Lots more!
Several other additions will help you and your teams handle projects more efficiently. With 11.2, GitLab administrators can offer instance-wide custom project templates, allowing users to start new projects quickly by automating repetitive setup tasks.
At the same time, features such as issue board milestone lists, summed weights for issue board lists, group milestones on the milestone dashboard page, and todos for epics enable better work management.

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