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Intel gets more sales from laptop and desktop processors

Intel’s sales from laptop and desktop processors have increased in the past quarter. Especially the business market and the games segment did well according to the chip giant. Deliveries and the average selling price per processor also increased.

Intel’s quarterly turnover from laptop processors rose by 13 percent compared to the third quarter of last year, while that of desktop chips by 9 percent. In total, PC processor deliveries were up 6 percent, mainly due to a growth in laptop processors as the average mobile processor sales price increased by 4 percent, compared to 10 percent for desktop processors.

Intel had to deal with shortages in its offer of processors, because the PC market grew more than expected. More and more chips have to be made at 14nm, because 10nm has been postponed. In the explanatory notes to the quarterly figures, in the transcription on SeekingAlpha Intel states that the deficit was still noticeable in the past quarter and that they will have a greater impact in the fourth quarter.

the Client Computing Group, which included PC processors, increased by 16 percent to $ 10.2 billion. A 66 percent growth in the division that makes modems helped. This quarterly turnover was 1.2 billion dollars, mainly because Intel supplies its modems to Apple for the iPhone.

The turnover of the Data Center Group increased by 26 percent to $ 6.1 billion, the IOT Group managed $ 919 million. to convert, 8 percent more than last year. The memory division saw its sales increase by 21 percent to $ 1.1 billion and 64-level nand for SSDs is already 50 percent of sales.

Total revenue increased 19 percent to $ 19.2 billion and net profit increased by 42 percent to $ 6.4 billion. It is the third record quarter for Intel in a row and the manufacturer expects 2018 to be a record year, despite the problems with Specter and Meltdown the departure of CEO Brian Krzanich the increased competition from AMD and the problems with 10nm production.

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