Zombie survival game servers Just Survive will close on October 24

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Just Survive is going to stop; the servers that keep the game running will be shut down on October 24, after which it will no longer be possible to play. The option to purchase extras on Steam will be disabled immediately.

On its website, the development team behind Just Survive has indicated that the project is no longer serviceable. An exact reason for the choice to pull the plug on the game is not given, but it is likely that it was not popular enough. Until October 24, however, gamers can continue to play, although it has now been made impossible to buy the game via Steam, or to purchase extras there. In some cases, players can get their money back.

In Just Survive, it’s up to players to survive in the game’s zombie-infested world through crafting, collecting items in the wild, building bases, and forming alliances with other players. However, any player can betray and attack his fellow players at any time, which creates tension when players encounter each other in the game but do not know each other.

Initially, the game was supposed to be released by Sony, but eventually the game was further developed by Daybreak Game Company, who released it as Early Access on Steam. At the same time, the game, originally titled H1Z1, was split into two different titles, Battle Royale being the other; this is now out of Early Access and was released earlier this month.

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