Software Update: GeeXboX 0.98.7

GeeXboX is a standalone media player that runs on a modified version of Linux. After booting from the CD, the program is able to play mpeg, DivX, XviD, RealMedia, ogg, mp3 and wmv media files, among others. GeeXboX can be operated via the OSD or with a remote control. The program runs on an x86 processor, at least a Pentium II 400MHz, and on a PowerPC G3/4. GeeXboX version 0.98.7 is now available with the following changes:

This may be the first time that a GeeXboX release has been made without a player update… but hey, the enhancements were significant enough and so we bring you the new, fresh, version 0.98.7. GeeXboX now enters the “digital era” with a feature that many users have been waiting for : the DVB cards support. Basically you’re now able to use any kind (PCI or USB) DVB device (either Cable, Terrestrial or Satellite) that is support under Linux (see website for more info) with this release of GeeXboX. Due to the i802.11 official stack inclusion in Linux 2.6.14, we’ve also decided to bring you better WiFi chipset support with the introduction of Prism54G and Centrino drivers.

Unfortunately, many of the DVB devices and WiFi chips require those nasty proprietary firmwares in order to work correctly. That is of no concern however, as GeeXboX now comes with its own brand new firmware auto-loader. You’re even able to use the FLTK generator to grab them from the web for you and build an ISO that fits your needs. You can also use it to grab some more fonts or non-free codecs.

There’s also some bad news that will soon be a major problem. For various reasons, InTouch, our current sponsor that provides us a virtual server with free hosting services, will certainly have to discontinue this offer after the 1st of January. As a result, we’re currently looking for anybody that can help with mirroring solutions and/or grant us a new hosting service. After this date, we’ll probably lose our server and won’t be able to provide you with GeeXboX anymore. Our only solution will then be to buy a new dedicated server and host it with some provider. So, if you’re able to help us by providing a server or hosting for free, please contact us.

Last, but not least (and to end on a positive note), we’ve added the latest trend in network sharing protocols that is being supported in many new consumer devices : UPnP. With its support, the GeeXboX is now able to auto-discover UPnP Media Server devices on your Home Network and play media content from them. So, while waiting for the next MPlayer release, just sit back in your seats and enjoy the digital show 😉

Version number 0.98.7
Operating systems Linux
Website GeeXbox
License type GPL
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