Software Update: Fraps 2.9.9

Beepa released a new version of Fraps on Saturday. This program can be used to show the number of frames per second for games that use Directx or Opengl. In addition, it is also possible to take screenshots and record short in-game movies. This can be useful if the game itself does not support this or has only poorly implemented this feature. Version 2.9.9 is a so-called maintenance release and the changelog only shows bug fixes:

Changes in Fraps version 2.9.9:

  • Fixed missing audio in Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas
  • Fixed benchmarks not being written to benchmark folder
  • Fixed loading crash when attempting to start Fraps
  • Fixed stalling/stuttering after first 4 gig AVI segment
  • Fixed mouse cursor image/transparency corruption
  • Fixed mouse cursor offset in some applications
  • Fixed crash when recording above 1920×1200 for some users
  • Fixed crash after stopping video capture in Windows 2000
  • Fixed crash in some DirectX10 applications
  • Fixed random windows crashes with fraps.dll
  • Fixed missing systray icon if explorer restarts
  • Fixed frapsvid.dll and frapsv64.dll crashes when importing/playing video
  • Fixed Run Fraps when Windows starts option
  • Fixed Starcraft stall during video capture
  • Fixed limited CPU affinity of main Fraps process
  • Fixed yellow corruption displayed in Plants vs Zombies
  • Fixed capture speed of many older DDRAW games

Version number2.9.9
Release statusFinal
Operating systemsWindows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
File size 1.21MB
License typeShareware