Software Update: ForceVision 3.3 beta 4

ForceVision is an image viewer with various editing options such as adjusting brightness, contrast and colors. In addition, you can rotate, enlarge, reduce and save images in other formats. For more information and an overview of the supported image formats, we refer you to this page. The developers have released the fourth beta version of ForceVision 3.3 with the following list of changes:

Version 3.3beta 4:

    • thumbnail selection with right mouse button
    • Paste menu item to the files and thumbnails pop-up menus


    • file selection lost after Move and Copy to Folder dialogs
    • update file information in Status Bar and caption region of Viewer window after Crop or Resize functions
    • lost file associations

Version 3.3 beta 3:

    • support for multi selection for List and Thumbnails mode
    • pop-up menu for file management for List and Thumbnails mode (copy, cut, paste, properties and others)
    • pop-up menu for folder management for Folders tree (copy, cut, paste, create new folder, Add to Favorites and others)
    • dialogs Copy and Move files to specified folder (also you can choose on of the Favorites)
    • huge number of options for out formats in Batched Format Conversion
    • Favorite folder manager
    • now you can assign names to the favorite folders (for more handy access)
    • Random transition effect option for normal browsing and Slide-Show
    • support for converting files from different sources (folders, disks)
    • conversion process now will be displayed in new window
    • now it is possible to create and delete folders in dialogs of folder selection


    • Batched Format Conversion engine and window are totally revised and greatly improved
    • now file conversion runs in separate thread
    • user interface in Options window
    • Viewer window now will get focus automatically for better mouse interrupt
    • temporary files now created in temporary system fodler
    • initial folder of Save and Open dialogs now will be stored


    • file sequence in List and Thumbnails mode synchronized
    • files associations assigning for users without Administrator rights
    • setting Custom thumbnails size in some cases results in checking Small, Standard, or Large size
    • ESC starts Full-Screen mode
    • attempt to load corrupted file results in that malfunction: all other files will not be loaded
    • after turning-off Full-Screen Viewer’s caption display “0x0x24b” if there was no image loaded
    • Slide-Show finished incorrectly in Thumbnails mode


Version number 3.3 beta 4
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Force Vision
License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)