Software update: Drupal 7.0 alpha 4

Drupal is a versatile content management system that works on a large number of platforms. The program can be accessed via modules be provided with additional functionality and by using themes a different layout can be attached to the cms. For example, it is possible to maintain a news site, forum and/or a collaboration site with Drupal. The developers released the fourth alpha of Drupal 7.0 a few days ago with the following announcement:

Drupal 7.0 Alpha 4 released

Our third Drupal 7 alpha version was released just over a month ago. Today, we’re proud to announce the release of the fourth alpha version of Drupal 7.x for your further testing and feedback. The first alpha announcement provided a comprehensive list of improvements made since Drupal 6.x, so in this announcement we’ll concentrate on how you can help ensure that Drupal 7 is released as soon as possible and is as rock solid as the previous Drupal releases that you’ve grown to love!

This release includes many critical bug fixes and other improvements, including:

  • Color module now usable by themes other than Garland.
  • Usability improvements including re-weightable roles and saner Forum module defaults.
  • A variety of optimizations made to data import-related functions to make migrations faster.
  • Lots of previously missing documentation for hooks has now been documented. Hooray!
  • Increased test coverage, particularly core Tokens.
  • Lots of smaller bug fixes, security patches, and improvements.

Please see the release notes for more details.

It is important to note that this alpha version should not be used for production sites. We’ve resolved most errors reported so far, but there are outstanding known issues (including security issues) and most likely some problems that have not been reported as of yet. Our next release will be on or about May 21, 2010. If the upgrade path is working, and all known security issues are fixed, this will be a beta. Otherwise, it will be another alpha release. It’s expected we will have a few beta versions and at least one release candidate before Drupal 7.0 is finalized. You can help us reach the final release date sooner by testing this alpha and providing feedback.

Version number 7.0 alpha 4
Release status Alpha
Operating systems script language
Website Drupal
File size 2.29MB
License type GPL