Firmware Update: HDX Bone HDXV012_20100423-110015

HD Digital Technology has released firmware for its latest media player, the HDX Bone, with HDXV012_20100423-110015 as the version designation. This media player is able to use two different operating systems, its own HDX Voir for a normal media player environment and Google Android to offer an environment that can be set up entirely according to your own wishes. Furthermore, this player has the normal connections that you would expect, namely USB2.0, 100Mbps Ethernet, HDMI 1.3a and a composite video output. To discuss this media player you can visit the subforum Media players and HTPCs where at the time of writing no separate HDX Bone topic can be found. Unfortunately, HD Digital Technology has not yet disclosed any changes or improvements made to this release.

Version number HDXV012_20100423-110015
Release status Final
Website HD Digital Technology
File size 73.19MB
License type Freeware