Software update: clients

DaFreak reports that has released several new clients. Below you can take down the different clients:

FreeBSD [ELF/x86]

Linux [x86/ELF]

PC DOS, MS DOS [x86]

Windows 3.x [x86]

Windows 95/98/NT [x86/Zipped]

Windows 95/98/NT [Alpha]

  • imp: m68k-netbsd: faster OGR core
  • fix: bsdos-aout client is finally working again with OGR
  • fix: all: -n -1 (exit on empty buffers) works again.
  • fix: win32: restore from tray works again
  • fix: win16: text appearing as a single line fixed
  • new: win32: rate and in-buffer threshold available as ‘tip’ when client is minimized and the ‘Core Throughput’ view is active.

Version number 2.8012.465
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux