Software update: client

Another new Dnetc client for Win32, Linux and FreeBSD has appeared, this time with version number 2.8012.466. Here and there – according to the changelog – with a faster OGR core, so for those who are interested: quickly download and install . trifling and waku: thanks for the tip!

Update: there appears to be a bug in this client, so don’t use it anymore, results will soon no longer be accepted by!

See this story for more info!

For completeness the changelog:

x86: most unix-ish clients now support the RC5/SMC core.

imp: some: even faster OGR core.

chg: all: reverted default crunch-meter for ogr to ‘absolute’ type.

imp: win32 cui: tweaked for considerably improved display speed.

fix: win32 cui: redirection to file works as it did prior to .465.

chg: all: the list of available cores is a superset of all cores available for a particular architecture, some of which may not be available for a particular client/OS/hardware flavour.

fix: risks: time and timezone odds.

fix: win32: workaround for time bug on some win2k HALs.

fix: all: suffices weren’t lowercase for remote buffer filenames.

fix: win32: client -install’ed to run hidden appeared on desktop

Version number 2,8012.466
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux